Can You Trust Movie Ratings On Rotten Tomatoes?

When we talk about movies, of course, reviews would definitely be a big part of it. Here is a scenario. Let us say that you are planning on doing a lazy weekend. You want to just rent out a movie and stay home or go to a movie theatre and actually see the movie. What do you do then?

Getting movie reviews is the easiest answer. There are several ways on how to get them. However, the fastest way is by searching the internet. How do you do that? Open a search engine and just type in the movie that you want to watch. Usually, it already has a rating with stars or whatnot. However, if you want the actual reviews or read the actual reviews you can visit different sites for it.

What would be a good site? One of the most famous sites would be Rotten Tomatoes. When we talk about movie reviews, they have the reputation to be able to give the best ones or at least the most accurate ones. Is the site trustworthy? When it comes to movie reviews, you have to remember that at times, everything would be from subjective opinion.

Visiting review sites will give a feel on what the public has said about the movie. All criticisms and positive feedbacks can easily be seen there. There will be different ways on how they deliver on it or rate the actual movie. There are different classifications as well. For example, you do not write a movie review for a horror film the same as you make a movie review for a romantic comedy one. The bar should be different between these two.

There are different line items for a certain niche of a movie. A romantic comedy is not made the same way as of an action film. There are a lot of additional categories including CGI editing and many more. However, the concept of rating these movies are a bit similar. The main concept of how a movie is rated would still be about enjoying the movie. Whatever the niche is, you have to understand that if a consumer enjoyed it, for whatever reason, he definitely enjoyed it. Whatever the reason is, all you need to understand that people running the site took their time in telling us what they think about the movie. At the end of the day, it all boils down to personal preference.


Do Men Watch The Hunger Games, Or Is It Mostly Women?

Watching movies brings fun and entertainment to the audience. Some people watch a movie because they are interested in the main character. People normally support their favorite stars with whatever movie they make. The gender of the character isn’t always a big deal because people will focus more on the flow of the story and of course the special effects. Besides, a person can idolize someone same as his gender or the opposite sex.

Why Men Are Also Hooked to Katnis

You don’t have to doubt hat men are also attracted to strong women. It only shows that movies with female main characters are also perfect for men and cannot be used to question their gender preference. Just like in the movie Hunger Games, Katnis the protagonist of the movie not only shows strength and power but she is also beautiful. No wonder why a lot of men are also hooked to the movie because of how much they admire Katnis.

Aside from the looks and power of Katnis, the special effects are also amazing. If people have loved the book version of the movie, for sure they would like the movie version more because they can see the real effects of every scene that will keep them feel excited. Listed below are some of the common reasons why fans love Hunger Games.

  • If you have already read the book, then you know what to expect from the movie. In fact, you can even get more of the movie because you can see the characters move.
  • The love story in the movie between Katnis and Peeta also gained attention. Their sweetness is something that the audience long for.
  • Another favorite of the fans is the costume of Katnis. In today’s era wherein fashion really matters, people also look forward to how the characters in the movie dress up.
  • Though the scenes in the movie will not take you to a magical world, there is still no doubt that it is an interesting place.
  • This can be a great movie of survival. The challenge keeps the movie captivating to the audience. It makes them wonder how the character will survive the situation.
  • Lots of fans can also relate to the story of the movie like how Katnis show her love to her family.
  • The overall character of Katnis is definitely wonderful. She is compassionate, loving, and brave who is willing to risk her life.

Do Online Movie Sites Pay Producers So They Can Show Films?

Free movie sites are often the bane of Hollywood and indie studios and producers alike. While these sites rake in the viewers – and the accompanying ad revenue – producers and studios only get royalties and fees paid out to them in certain circumstances, or from certain sites. Due to this, there is a lot of contention between free movie sites, such as the famously embattled 123 free movies network of streaming websites, and the studios barking for their cut.

When Are Producers Paid?

The era of online streaming brought in a slew of headaches, frustrations, and difficult questions for studios and streamers alike. In the end, United States law settled on a tv-style licensure system between studios and streaming sites. Large paid sites, such as Netflix and Hulu, work as such:

  • The streaming site reaches out to a studio/producer (or vice versa) to express interest in displaying the product
  • The streaming site and studio/producer negotiate to reach an agreeable payment and contract
    • Some contracts offer a one-time-buy: the site pays a large sum to distribute the movie how and when they see fit
    • Some contracts offer a royalty-based agreement, wherein the studio/producer is paid per so many views

How Do Free Streaming Sites Fit In This Picture?

The 123 free movies network has turned this model on its head through a system called file-sharing. 123 free movies operates by acting as a search engine to find movie files on other sites, and those sites then stream directly to the user’s computer, in the process bypassing the original website. This system of file sharing means that producers of such films aren’t paid through the process – if the secondary website pays the producer for the rights, that is on them.

Free movie sites are in a unique grey area legally – but they are technically legal, even if they don’t pay producers for their content, as they share files rather than host the materials. For those users who are incredibly conscientious about making sure a mega-rich producer gets to pad their pocket a little more…don’t be.


The Difference Between “Best Supporting Actor” And “Best Actor”

We always hear during the award shows that prizes are awarded separately to the best actor and the best supporting actor. But we never really thought about how they made the distinction in the first place. What makes an actor suitable for the best actor award while the other for the best-supporting actor award? What are the rules? How are the distinctions made?

Rules for the roles

There are no standard guidelines for knowing how much airtime an actor gets to determine which role he is more eligible for. The final verdict usually falls in the hands of the studio and what role they think the actor is more competitive. They sometimes do not factor the airtime at all. It is the studio that campaigns for the actor for the specific role once they cast the final decision.  

As mentioned, there are no rules and distinctions between the lead and the supporting. The rule only states that a performance by an actor is eligible for nomination for either the lead or the supporting role. If a majority of the film is dubbed or narrated by another actor, then the performance should not be counted.

However, this is different for musical films where a singer or a different actor dubs the actor. In these cases, the actor is not removed from the acting nomination list. The actor is still part of the roster as he has done his part of “acting.” in the film. This practice is not uncommon in musicals.

In the end, the members of the award-giving body will ultimately decide which category the actor will fall in. They will vote on it, and the results will determine the actor’s category. There will be times when a film will not have a lead actor instead of two supporting actors. It really depends on the results that the voting committee will present.

Controversies and conflicts

A prestigious awards ceremony is not without its dilemmas. There had been controversies about the votation process in recent years. An example is the movie Carol where actress Rooney Mara was nominated for Best Supporting Actress even if she had more screen-time than Cate Blanchett, who was nominated for Best Actress. The decision of the studio was heavily criticized, and it was also found that they did not want the two actresses to compete in the same category. They also based their decision on the actresses’ prominence and fame in the film industry, which should not be the case if the basis is the performance in the film.


Do Thrillers Need Great Special Effects To Be Big Hits?

When it comes to movies, people surely have different taste with the genre they love to watch. Not everyone is fond of watching romantic movies especially those who are not that emotional and go for something educational. If you prefer movies about new discoveries, then science fiction movies are perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are after the thrill or heart-pumping scenes, then you can watch action, thriller, or horror films.

What Makes Thriller Films Successful

Making a blockbuster movie doesn’t always demand great special effects. You only have to get the attention of the viewers and make them feel hooked up with the story. As much as possible, stay away from complicated scenes if you want to connect with a broader range of audience. Not all people are capable of analyzing scenes so you have to make it simple but catchy. When watching thrillers, your main goal here is to shock people.

Thriller films can be combined with other genres such as suspense-thriller, action thriller, romantic thriller, and more. Thriller movies involve crimes, violence, or anything that can be thrilling to the audience. Though this can be frightening, here are some of the reasons why people are still hook up to these movies.

  • People are after the thrill of the movie. The tension they feel make them excited with every scene that they can’t take off their eyes.
  • Some also love thrilling movies because they enjoy unravelling the mystery of the movie. They would want to find the root of the story to better understand the whole thing or unravel the mystery.
  • Another reason why thrillers are popular is that it connects you to the crowd. After watching the movie, for sure people would want to talk about it. So, if you don’t want to feel like an outcast, you should not miss watching the latest thriller.
  • Some people love thriller because they consider it as an inspiration because they have the passion of creating one in the future.

No matter what the reason is why you watch thriller films, it is no doubt that it will always be an appealing genre to the audience. People don’t demand for special effects to like a thriller film instead they way it shocks them is what matters the most. A good thriller movie is said to be great if it can give you chills even if you watch it many times.


The Legal Status Of Movie and TV Download Sites

TV and movie download sites are gaining popularity because of the features and benefits it offers to people. It is always convenient to watch TV shows and movies online since you can do it anytime and anywhere. However, there should be strict rules that these sites follow as there is always a risk that has to be taken especially if you are dealing with the internet.

The internet can access and can be accessed by almost anybody. With this, security is always an issue. Aside from security, there are also legalities in the operation of these sites. There are legalities behind it especially if ownership of these TV and movies online are being talked about.

The Legalities in TV and Movie Sites

It is also important to be aware of the legalities behind every site. This is to keep you informed and to keep you safe.

With the number of sites online, it is best to choose safe sites like 123movies unblocked. To help you with your choice, here are some of the points to consider when choosing which site to choose:

1) One way to know if the site is illegally operating is that they advertise proxies, virtual private network services and keep your IP address hidden from ISPs and the government. If the site you are checking has these, then better skip to another site.

2) If the site orders you to subscribe to a VPN service from a third party or to actually download their virtual private network software, then it is wise to leave the site right away. Remember that there are many ways to get movies for free and not require you to pay for anything just to keep you protected.

3) You will know that the site is illegally operating if they try to keep their tracks confidential by posting DMCA requests to take the site down. If they have a portion of their site where its sole purpose is to contact them if you want to watch an illegal movie, there is a big chance that they don’t have a legal partnership with another company that streams movies legally.

With the mentioned tips on how to know if the site is operating illegally, you can be sure that you are watching movies safely. 123movies unblocked for one is a site that you can count on. With other sites, always be aware of the legalities behind every site that operates.

The legal status of every site should always be considered in order to keep you safe and away from getting penalized for it.


Disney Plus: Counting On Disney Movies To Succeed

Creating a movie, you have to target the global market. This would ensure the movie’s success. When doing your market research, you would take into consideration all the given factors. It is not only a matter of creating a movie, but it is also all a matter of selling the movie. Yes, from an artist’s standpoint, making the movie the best way he or she can be good enough. However, from a company standpoint, you still need to earn to pay your people and continue to create more movies.

When we talk about the global audience, it simply means everyone around the world. However, there is a certain company that also does its research with age preference. The best company to have a background on this would be Walt Disney Pictures. This is the same company that gave us our best childhood characters that until today, we still love to watch. They are set up for the perfect scenario because their market is larger compared to the rest.

Disney Plus is one of the streaming services that you can enjoy. There are a lot of great movies available. This is the same movie company that gave us classics like Beauty and the Beast and many other amazing movies from our childhood. When we talk about movies that were created by Disney, you can barely name all of them because they are all the best. We know that if it is somehow a fairy tale or a feel-good movie, usually, Disney has something to do with it.

The brand movie brand itself directly resembles joy and happiness. We all are kids at heart and watching these movies makes us remember the good old days. We do not have to classify anything. That is the effect of movies that they have produced.

This is the same reason why they can target a bigger market. Kids can watch their movies and at the same time even adults. There is no age limit of who can watch most Disney movies and that is a plus to them. Not only that they can market their movies globally, but they also have a bigger audience due to the age bracket that they can bank on. If you are a parent, you can’t send your kid to the movie theatre alone. This simply means you need to watch the movie with your kids and this is why the brand is smart because instead of you paying for one ticket, you would be paying for both.