Do Men Watch The Hunger Games, Or Is It Mostly Women?

Watching movies brings fun and entertainment to the audience. Some people watch a movie because they are interested in the main character. People normally support their favorite stars with whatever movie they make. The gender of the character isn’t always a big deal because people will focus more on the flow of the story and of course the special effects. Besides, a person can idolize someone same as his gender or the opposite sex.

Why Men Are Also Hooked to Katnis

You don’t have to doubt hat men are also attracted to strong women. It only shows that movies with female main characters are also perfect for men and cannot be used to question their gender preference. Just like in the movie Hunger Games, Katnis the protagonist of the movie not only shows strength and power but she is also beautiful. No wonder why a lot of men are also hooked to the movie because of how much they admire Katnis.

Aside from the looks and power of Katnis, the special effects are also amazing. If people have loved the book version of the movie, for sure they would like the movie version more because they can see the real effects of every scene that will keep them feel excited. Listed below are some of the common reasons why fans love Hunger Games.

  • If you have already read the book, then you know what to expect from the movie. In fact, you can even get more of the movie because you can see the characters move.
  • The love story in the movie between Katnis and Peeta also gained attention. Their sweetness is something that the audience long for.
  • Another favorite of the fans is the costume of Katnis. In today’s era wherein fashion really matters, people also look forward to how the characters in the movie dress up.
  • Though the scenes in the movie will not take you to a magical world, there is still no doubt that it is an interesting place.
  • This can be a great movie of survival. The challenge keeps the movie captivating to the audience. It makes them wonder how the character will survive the situation.
  • Lots of fans can also relate to the story of the movie like how Katnis show her love to her family.
  • The overall character of Katnis is definitely wonderful. She is compassionate, loving, and brave who is willing to risk her life.