About Us

It all started in 2012 when two college freshmen from the UCLA found themselves frustrated by the lack of variety in entertainment reviews.

Marcus San Gabriel and Bronson Creed created The Outskirts Movie Club as a weekly podcast to have their own voices be heard, which at the time they didn’t see reflected in the reviews they read. It was also a way to share with their friends (and anyone else who happened to be interested) what they thought of the latest movie they watched, book they read or song they can’t get out of their head.

Eventually, listeners became interested in making contributions for the show, helping cover a range of entertainment and pop culture topics, including film, music, TV, books, and video games. By 2018 they finally created their own website, having been on social media for almost 6 years and they would have a staff of over 50 writers who volunteer articles and reviews weekly.

Outskirts Movie Club is now one of the top online destinations for anything and everything you need to know about pop culture – especially all about movies.